• Welcome to Cudjoe Lagoon Estate. Is a new gated, master-planned resort community living located in Northern Belize.

  • The keys to long-term impact and success are community transformation and sustainability;!

About us


Cudjoe Lagoon Estate is a new gated, master-planned resort community located in Northern Belize, infusing advanced modern amenities, and lively ambiance with unforgettable Belizean hospitality, culture, and charm. Situated on 800+ acres of fresh water Cudjoe lagoon, when complete, the 50+ acre property will feature private residences, restaurant, community pool, basketball court and Volley ball court, Indoor gym, Condos, Conference center, and much more. With over 100 building sites available and ample green space, Cudjoe Lagoon offers numerous opportunities.

Join the retirement/expat community with affordable, laid back relaxed Caribbean living. 100s of expectorate/retirees have made Belize their home and it is one of the top destinations for many retirees from Europa, United States, and Canada. Visit and you will find out why

Build your dream vacation home with options for rental income and excellent management of your property in a gated community. Bring your family over to see, feel and taste the variety of options that have made Belize one of the top destinations for tourism. You better Belize it!!

Progresso Road Copper Bank, Corozal, Belize

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